Юрій Винничук: Kill The Bugger.

Юрій Винничук: Ми вагітні вождем, якого потім зрадимо
Шотландська письменниця Софі Кук (Sophie Cooke) зробила зі мною інтерв’ю і переклала відомого вірша англійською:
Kill The Bugger
The time has come when each of us
faces the choice times give to us:
now gangsters and liars govern,
con-men and pig-herds rule Parliament.
They have ground the state down to powder,
drunk from our veins like vampires;
now their leader, pelted with egg,
pushes us on to the cliff-edge.
A gangster before: he’s a gangster now
but of a better class, the kind that are allowed.
It’s not fur hats he’s nicking, but public millions now -
Kill the bugger.
For flogging the country to ones who aren’t its friends,
along with Taras’ Testament;
for bringing us Tabachnyk, and other Moscow shamans -
Kill the bugger.
Tabachnyks are the governors of this sleazy witches’ ball,
their kind has risen like a star above the spoils.
Once more, we’re Little Russian khokhols -
Kill the bugger.
Ukraine will not lie back:
miner from Donbas,
you’ll lift your steel pick-axe
to kill the bugger.
We have no more holy purpose
nor any other hope!
Go ask God for forgiveness
and kill the bugger.
When they serve us on a plate
to a Kremlin whose saliva is already in full spate,
it will be too late: rise up and kill!
Kill the bugger!
(Все інтервью - http://life.pravda.com.ua/person/2012/01/30/93822/)

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